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Welcome to NanoTuning Australia!


We are a group of car enthusiasts always chasing the latest trends and tuning technologies. We started back in Europe in 2003. This year we expanded our business to Australia. We are the exclusive representative of RICA Engineering in Australia.

We specialise in electronic engine modifications but also provide mechanical enhancements. By simply modifying the software that controls the engine, we are able to unleash hidden power reserves. Our modifications can significantly improve performance and the response of your vehicle, whilst lowering fuel consumption and reducing emissions.

Our technology is unique, it allows us to remap any vehicle, even the latest models by simply connecting via cable, making it secure and non-intrusive. Modifications are done by adjusting the parameters on the original engine maps. All our programs are road tested, fully secure and service compliant, and are all ISO and TUV Certified by RICA. 

To put it simply, we make cars better.