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Why do we remap Bikes?

Like all other modern vehicles, motorcycles or bikes now have built-in Electronic Control Unit installed while manufacturing, otherwise known as ECU. If you are a biker at heart and would like to enhance its performance, you would have to perform a motorcycle ECU remapping for that purpose. Usually, the manufacturers set factory values before these machines are delivered and a Motorcycle tuning is needed to increase the performance values. We, at NanoTuning, ensure that everything from the throttle gates, idle timing, and fuel/mileage ratio gets to the optimum by our motorcycle ECU remapping and the client is satisfied with the experience.

Remap your Bike with our latest Chip Tuning Technology

A proper Bike Chip Tuning not only increases the speed and torque but also recalibrates the baseline values so that any error code generation is minimized. At NanoTuning, we strive to make your bike reach its optimum goals in terms of performance and mileage, but also retain the most effective durability and stability facets then before. The motorcycle manufacturers place several electronic restrictions, so to say, in the bike before it is marketed. Our engineers at NanoTuning remove these limits while Bike tuning to give your machine a new edge. The facets we mainly work on are;

  • Eliminate Throttle Constraints
  • Improve Idle
  • Increase the Rev Limit
  • Remove any Speed Limiters
  • Improve Deceleration
  • Improve Throttle Control & Reaction
  • Eliminate Factory “Error codes”
  • Improve Fuel Maps
  • Fuel Mapping Adjustments

However, as the leading Motorcycle tuning services in Perth, we make sure that the services we provide are comprehensive. The safety issues are also given considerable importance.

Services for most Makes and Models

It is true that not all the ECU settings are same. With the various companies and their numerous products, the motorcycle remapping jobs become a complex and diverse operation. Our engineers at NanoTuning are experts in remapping of almost every model and company available in the market. We can increase the performance and change the values according to the ECU, which is dependent on the model of the motorcycle. Our mechanics use the most updated software and fine-tune the hardware to ensure that your bike gives out more energy than before.

Suspension of any two-wheeler is important and it is especially true for bikes. The suspension is responsible for proper weight distribution and maintaining the balance on the machine. With the uplift of the performance index, our engineers at NanoTuning also perform motorcycle suspension tuning so that your bike stays balanced and durable even at the highest speed; while giving out the best torque.

Why choose NanoTuning for Bike remapping?

Surely, you would like to feel the most of your bike can do and therefore would need to get a ECU remapping Perth. At NanoTuning, we not only make your bike optimized and improved but design the safety aspects to keep you unharmed while tearing down the road. Our engineers perform the best Engine remapping and have the expertise to service multiple models and makes. So, if you are in need of the best-quality Chip tuning Perth, contact us and visit one of our workshops.