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Experience a new powerful Boat by Marine ECU Chip Tuning

Like to pierce the water and enjoy the whipping wind while taking your boat for a ride? Then you must be looking to increase the speed and torque of your boat. Like all other vehicles, the newest generation of boats today are controlled by an Electronic Control Unit or ECU. The limit of maximum speed is set by the manufacturer by a process called Marine ECU chip tuning which also governs the performance of the vehicle.

Similarly, this ECU can be programmed again to provide better speed and torque by Marines Remapping; which also increases the overall performance of aquatic transport. We, at NanoTuning, are known to provide the most proficient services in this regard.

Remap your Marine with our latest chip tuning service

Unlike the transports on the land, the ECU remapping of aquatic vehicles requires additional consideration of other associated factors. Not only the speed and torque but at NanoTuning, we provide Marines chip tuning in such a way that the balance of the performance and modification does not cross the safety threshold. The factors we extensively keep an eye on are;

  1. Balanced increase in performance

We understand that the remapping has to be equilibrated with the load capacity and the thrust of the engines while running through water. Our engineers always provide a balanced marine diesel chip tuning so that the essential factors like buoyancy, water thrust, and others are optimized while the performance increases.

  1. Most recent updates

Our engineers work with the most updated software and in the process of remapping, update the vehicle to its most recent configuration. Any marine vehicle having done its ECU remapping from us will have the latest list of features in terms of software upgradation.

  1. Safety aspect maintenance

Our main concern with any vehicular remapping is that the user must be safe while it is in operation. Likewise, all our aquatic vehicle chip tuning is done such that the safety parameters are not crossed. It is our mark that the remapped marine will be a beast in terms of torque and speed and yet be safe enough to push the gadget to that level. We use only the best equipment and parts and consequently nullify the chance of mechanical fault of the vehicle.

  1. Association with reliable manufacturers

We value the safety and well-being of the rider too and therefore acquire parts only from trusted and proven manufacturers. This partnership ensures that our tuning jobs provide the best outcome and ensure the proper value for the client’s money.

Why choose NanoTuning for Marines engine tuning

The remapping of marine transports is not like another vehicle tuning, primarily because of the buoyancy and thrust/ fuel consumption ratio. Therefore, the ECU remapping service will have to be optimized to provide more power to the engine, without compromising the stability and performance of the vehicle. We ensure that a marine having done its Performance chip tuning from our concern stays within the safety regulation but provides the greatest thrill to its users. So, if you have a boat and wish to have a Chip tuning Perth service, come to our workshops and rule the water!