The most popular and most effective method of improving vehicle performance is electronic tuning. By modifying the computer program that controls the engine, the power and torque of the vehicle can be improved.

In our offer we have electronic modifications for most car models, including the latest models and exotic vehicles.

For the power lovers, we offer mechanical modifications that allow you to increase the power and torque of the engine even more. We replace those parts that are necessary to improve the performance, or which need to be upgraded to ensure the safety and durability of your vehicle.

We offer improved exhaust systems, intercoolers, intake systems, turbochargers, brake systems and their operating parts, suspensions, alloy wheels, etc.

Performance, quality and safety are always more important to us than price, therefore we only offer parts from well-known, reliable and valued manufacturers.

Below you can read about electronic tuning with us. If you have any other questions, just call us!


Overtaking is unavoidable and this manoeuvre should be carried out in the shortest possible time. This is where greater power and torque increases driving safety. The power not only allows you to drive at a higher speed, the increased power enables you to accelerate from 80-120km per hour 3-4 seconds faster. Those few seconds can make a big difference.

Economy and Ecology

Another benefit of electronic tuning is the improvement of fuel economy. We can reduce your fuel consumption by 10-15%.

Manufacturers started to produce “Green” cars with various models and versions of “Eco”and “DrivE” etc. Often these cars have identical engines to similar models, but equipped with narrower tires with less rolling resistance, lighter “smooth” rims, additions improving aerodynamics and modified engine control program. The latter has the most impact on the reduction of combustion and CO2 emissions. When we tune the “ordinary” model to reach its full potential, we can often achieve similar results to the “ecological” models produced by the factory.

There are “green versions” of some cars on the market, in which we can achieve an even greater decrease in combustion and CO2 emissions thanks to the reserve that producers leave “for later” – to use when refreshing the model. We upgrade the serial program that controls the operation of the engine, which reduces the fuel consumption and emissions.

Each and every modifications is done individually to have maximum power and performance gains. All modifications are covered by a 1-year guarantee of proper performance. This means that we will not leave you alone when you need our help or support in case of problems with the car.

The Dutch company RICA Engineering is a supplier of technologies and programs optimising the engine operation used by NanoTuning. Since 1992, Rica Engineering is Europe’s leading company specialising in electronic tuning. Thanks to many years of experience and the use of the latest technologies, RICA achieves the best results for every car and engine.

Why manufactures don’t do it?

Well actually, the manufactures are doing it. When a new model is designed and implemented for production, it must be reliable in different climates, be able to withstand fuels varying in quality, and be resistant to negligence and mistreatment by users. Today, cars are often designed to fit tax, environmental, insurance and a specific group of recipients (such as fleet vehicles). All this affects the final parameters of the modern car.

In addition, manufacturers often reduce the cost by designing one engine, which can then be sold in various configurations – with various turbochargers, injections, etc. There are also cases of engines, where the weaker version differs only in the control software. This allows manufacturers to use  one engine design for a longer time, because they can strengthen it themselves by offering a newer model or a sports version. Thanks to such “exaggerated design” we have a large margin of safety, allowing improved performance without compromising the reliability of the vehicle.

How it works?

Electronic tuning involves the modification of the standard software of the motor controller (also called “computer” or ECU/ECM/DDE). To increase the engine’s power, it is necessary to change among others such parameters as fuel dosing, ignition or supercharging of the compressor in supercharged engines.

By carefully modifying these parameters, we can obtain the optimal combustion process for efficiency and economy. We can increase in engine power and torque in the range of 25-50%, and improve fuel economy by 10-15%, without increasing the level of smoking.

Specialisation-Volvo Tuning

RICA has been specialising in Volvo tuning for over 20 years, but the appearance of the Volvo 850 T5 has made RICA Engineering a brand that is clearly associated with Volvo.

Developed by the Dutch in the following years, the software that improves the performance of the new Volvo diesel, made RICA Engineering is the number one company in the world for Volvo tuning.

The extensive experience and detailed knowledge of Volvo construction held by RICA Engineering allows us to be a leader in Volvo tuning. Thanks to that, we have more Volvo models on offer than any other tuner in the world. The new technologies and tools invented by RICA and constant attention to quality preservation means that you can be sure that you are leaving your Volvo in safe hands.

This does not mean that RICA and NanoTuning only tune Volvo. Specialisation means that when it comes to Volvo, we are the first to introduce modifications to the new models and often set standards. For many Volvo models, we offer special programs that provide performance not offered by any other tuner!

RICA also offers programs for other brands and trucks (menu on the bottom), which are properly tested. There are currently not many new car models on our website. We just can not keep up with them in the MENU! If you have such a car, call or write to us to find out more information about what we can do for you.


In the event that the car is under warranty, we modify the program in such a way that the diagnostic programs in Authorised Dealerships can not detect that the vehicle has been modified. We devote a lot of attention to not leaving any physical or electronic traces. We offer a free upload of your factory software at any time and keep your modified ECU map if you wish to recover.

Step by step…

1. Reading the original operation software of the engine. 

In order to perform electronic tuning, first we have to read the original program stored in the ECU. We do this by connecting the computer to the diagnostic port OBD2 in the dashboard. The program is saved as a data file that can be processed.

2. Modification of the program

This is the most complicated stage. The original software is modified by changing the parameters in different “maps” and tables. Specialised programs are necessary for such treatment. The trick is to know which parameters to change and which to leave intact. Well-made changes will result in optimal tuning of the engine’s operation. Only parameters that affect the performance of the engine are changed. No diagnostic functions or safety functions are changed. The exhaust emission standards are also unchanged. The car can be serviced normally and all inspections will be carried out without any problem. Parameters that are usually modified include: ignition or injection timing, boost pressure, fuel dose, speed limiters, engine speed and many other related factors, such as torque limiters.

3. Programming the vehicle computer

The final stage is programming the motor computer in the car with the modified program. This is done in the same way as the original program was read – connecting the computer to the OBD2 diagnostic connector in the dashboard. When the vehicle computer is already programmed with a modified program, it is already permanently stored in the ECU. You do not lose any modifications when, for example, you disconnect the battery. Programming takes about 5 minutes.

As Albert Einstein put it, “Everything should be done as simply as possible, but not simpler.” At NanoTuning, we use the latest technology so your car does not have to stand in the workshop, and it does not have to be undressed. The system in the computer is installed not by exchanging the processor, but by uploading the new and enhanced program.

Why should you choose our company?

  • A substantial increase in engine power and torque by 25-50%
  • Economic improvement on average 10-15%
  • Diagnostic functions retained 100%
  • No problems during the registration / period review
  • Existing Euro4, 5, 6 emission standard – in cars that meet it at the factory *
  • Reduces the level of smoke emissions in cars with a diesel engine
  • Programming is carried our through the diagnostic port – without removing the computer
  • RICA software warranty – as long as you have a vehicle
  • Support through a network of RICA dealers

* RICA must now meet the same emission standards as the manufacturers, so you can be sure that your car will remain as environmentally friendly as it was before tuning.

What do you gain?

  • Safer overtaking due to faster acceleration due to more power and engine torque
  • Lower operating costs through reduced fuel consumption
  • Greater joy of driving – “sharper” and more willingly respond to the driver
  • A big improvement in flexibility, which means you do not have to change gears so often – it allows a more relaxed ride
  • Reduced wear of the engine, which does not have to be introduced at high revolutions during everyday driving
  • Easier to tow a trailer – both acceleration and maintaining the uphill speed is much easier