Who we are

We have been tuning all types of vehicles in Europe since 2003, and since expanded to Australia.

We are car enthusiasts, we love everything about them. We enjoy buying them, collecting them, working on them and modifying them. We love performance, style, handling, horsepower, speed, even the smell and sound of them.

Every single tune is modified specifically for your car, so you can be sure we have taken every detail into consideration.

What we do

We specialise in making vehicles better and more unique.

We work with the best technology on the market, and continue to exceed the expectations of our customers. We only use components from recognised manufacturers to ensure that our cars operate without failure. We do not use cheap replacements. Factory quality is our priority and we often use parts that are even higher quality. Tuning is not a repair. A perfectly good factory car is a solid base that we are able to improve on and make one of a kind. Tuning is supposed to evoke excitement and put a smile on the owner’s face every time they get into the car.

  • We improve performance through electronic tuning.
  • We install stainless steel exhaust systems, sports intercoolers, and turbochargers.
  • We upgrade the brakes and suspension, improving safety and driving pleasure.

Why we are different

All our modifications are carefully thought through. We tailor each tune to meet our clients requirements. We want the external appearance to harmonise with the interior and to make it all compatible with the performance of the car, creating it’s individual style.

We avoid fast cars if they are damaged and neglected. Similarly, we do not like beautiful cars that do not have the power to accelerate. Our tuned cars do not disappoint. If they look fast – they should be fast. If they look elegant and comfortable – that’s what they are … but after all, comfort is also a lot of power. It simply has to be developed more discreetly.

Our approach is never to compromise on quality. We keep our prices at a reasonable level, but never at the expense of quality. Our specialists are highly trained and experts in their field, so you can rest assured your car in is good hands.

Tuning cars is not only our passion, we work hard to be the best. If you want to add power and economy to your vehicle, come and talk to us. We will explain about all the types of modifications that will enhance the performance of your vehicle.

ISO 9001 and TUV Certification

A little bit of history


2019 - Expanded business to Australia

Due to the success of our Chiptuning in Europe, we have brought this new technology to Australia. We work with the best technology on the market to improve power and economy in your vehicle.


2003 - We began tuning vehicles in Europe

In 2003 our Volvo V40 2.0T with increased power from 165HP and 240Nm to 360HP and 500NM won the Polish Championships in parallel races in the Turbo class.


1968 - The first ECU computer

Automotive manufactures began introducing early versions of computer controlled systems to perform one specific function;  In 1968, Volkswagen introduced the first computer controlled electronic fuel injection (EFI) system manufactured by Bosch. 

ECU’s became a standard device on most cars in the late 1970’s when they became necessary due to increasingly stringent emission standards.